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Speaking Engagements

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Speaking & Presentational Experience

As a result of their experience and interaction with a broad cross section of Open Access and scholarly communication activities, the core members of the SHERPA team are much sought-after, and willing, speakers at a range of events, conferences and meetings; both in the UK and globally.

The SHERPA team have spoken at regional, national & international events including:

As you will see from the main SHERPA site the expertise they can bring is considerable, and the team are happy to consider speaking at a wide variety of events. If you would like a member of the SHERPA team to speak, contact the SHERPA Manager directly (Bill Hubbard), giving dates and further details and we will endeavour to be in touch just as soon as possible.

Past Events

For records of speaking events and presentations given by SHERPA staff, see the appropriate page -

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Future Events

For future engagements in 2009, see the 2009 Speaking Diary

There is a full listing of SHERPA presentations and events available.

There is a full listing of forthcoming Repositories Support Project events available from the RSP events page.


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