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Please see the AHDS SHERPA DP project description.

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The SHERPA DP Project is being run in association with the Arts & Humanities Data Service (AHDS).



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AHDS Project Officers



The work of the project at individual institutions is under the control of Project Officers, supported by a Technical Officer, Mike Gardner and a Preservation Officer, Gareth Knight. Enquiries about project work at specific sites can be made to individual Project Officers.

Day to day management of the project overall is by the Project Manager, Bill Hubbard, based at the University of Nottingham. He liaises with other projects in the JISC FAIR Programme, other interested institutions, organisations and initiatives. Enquiries and comments on the work of the project should be made to him in the first instance.

The Project Director, Stephen Pinfield, oversees the management of the project and ensures adherence to project aims. He also maintains liaison with other interested institutions and scholarly bodies and represents the interests and management of the project at senior inter-institutional levels and within CURL.

As part of the formal management structure of the SHERPA Project, a management group has been set up to oversee the development of the project and its adherence to its aims and objectives through regular meetings. Membership has been drawn from within the project and the HE community. The SHERPA Management Group (SMG) is chaired by Paul Ayris, Director of Library Services, UCL and Chair of the CURL Scholarly Communications Task Force.

The SHERPA project reports to JISC through Chris Awre, who is in charge of the JISC FAIR Programme, which has its own Advisory Board.

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