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Journal title ISSN ESSN Associated organisations
Pacific Economic Review [Now published elsewhere] 1361-374X 1468-0106 Hong Kong Economic Association;
Special Policy: 24 months
Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology [Now published elsewhere] 0269-5022 1365-3016 Society for Pediatric and Perinatal Epidemiologic Research;
Special Policy: 12 months
Parasite Immunology [Now published elsewhere] 0141-9838 1365-3024 Special Policy: 12 months
Pathology International [Now published elsewhere] 1320-5463 1440-1827 Special Policy: 12 months;
Japanese Society of Pathology
Pediatric Anesthesia [Now published elsewhere] 1155-5645 1460-9592 Special Policy: 12 months
Perspektiven der Wirtschaftspolitik [Now published elsewhere] 1465-6493 1468-2516 De Gruyter;
Verein für Socialpolitik;
Special Policy: No OnlineOpen
Philosophical Investigations [Now published elsewhere] 0190-0536 1467-9205 Special Policy: 24 months
Philosophy Compass [Now published elsewhere] - 1747-9991 Special Policy: 24 months
Photogrammetric Record [Now published elsewhere] 0031-868X 1477-9730 Special Policy: 12 months;
Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry Society
Pigment Cell and Melanoma Research [Now published elsewhere] 1755-1471 1755-148X International Federation of Pigment Cell Societies (IFPCS);
Society for Melanoma Research (SMR);
Special Policy: 12 months
Plant Biotechnology Journal [Now published elsewhere] 1467-7644 1467-7652 Wiley Open Access;
Association of Applied Biologists;
Society for Experimental Biology (SEB)
Plant Breeding [Now published elsewhere] 0179-9541 1439-0523 Special Policy: 12 months
Plant, Cell and Environment [Now published elsewhere] 0140-7791 1365-3040 Special Policy: 12 months
Plant Journal [Now published elsewhere] 0960-7412 1365-313X Special Policy: 12 months;
Society for Experimental Biology (SEB)
Political Studies [Now published elsewhere] 0032-3217 1467-9248 SAGE Publications (UK and US);
Political Studies Association;
Special Policy: 24 months
Political Studies Review [Now published elsewhere] 1478-9299 1478-9302 SAGE Publications (UK and US);
Political Studies Association;
Special Policy: 24 months
Politics [Now published elsewhere] 0263-3957 1467-9256 SAGE Publications (UK and US);
Political Studies Association;
Special Policy: 24 months
Prostate Journal [Now published elsewhere] 1095-5100 1525-1411 Special Policy: No OnlineOpen
Public Administration [Now published elsewhere] 0033-3298 1467-9299 Special Policy: 24 months
This list may omit titles that are no longer published, or have been transferred elsewhere.<< Blackwell Publishing


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