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RoMEO Journals for: Wiley: 24 months

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Journal title ISSN ESSN Associated organisations
Abacus 0001-3072 1467-6281 University of Sydney, Accounting Foundation
Accounting and Finance 0810-5391 1467-629X Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand
Acta Archaeologica 0065-101X 1600-0390 Blackwell Publishing
African Development Review 1017-6772 1467-8268 African Development Bank
Agribusiness 0742-4477 1520-6297 -
American Journal of Community Psychology 0091-0562 1573-2770 Society for Community Research and Action, Division of Community Psychology of the American Psychological Association;
Springer Verlag (Germany)
American Journal of Orthopsychiatry 0002-9432 1939-0025 American Orthopsychiatric Association
American Journal of Political Science 0092-5853 1540-5907 Midwest Political Science Association
Analytic Philosophy - 2153-960X -
Antipode 0066-4812 1467-8330 Editorial Board of Antipode
Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 0905-7196 1600-0471 John Wiley and Sons
Archaeometry 0003-813X 1475-4754 University of Oxford, Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art
Area 0004-0894 1475-4762 Royal Geographical Society;
Institute of British Geographers
Asia-Pacific Journal of Financial Studies 2041-9945 2041-6156 Korean Securities Association
Asia Pacific Viewpoint 1360-7456 1467-8373 Victoria University of Wellington
Asian Economic Journal 1351-3958 1467-8381 East Asian Economic Association;
Blackwell Publishing
Asian Economic Policy Review 1832-8105 1748-3131 Japan Center for Economic Research
Asian-Pacific Economic Literature 0818-9935 1467-8411 Australian National University, Crawford School of Economics and Government;
Blackwell Publishing
Asian Politics and Policy 1943-0779 1943-0787 Policy Studies Organization (PSO)
Asian Social Work and Policy Review 1753-1403 1753-1411 Blackwell Publishing
Australian Accounting Review 1035-6908 1835-2561 CPA Australia
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy 0814-723X 1467-8438 Australian Association of Family Therapists;
Special Policy: No Cambridge Open;
Australian Academic Press
Australian Economic History Review 0004-8992 1467-8446 Economic History Society of Australia and New Zealand;
Blackwell Publishing
Australian Economic Papers 0004-900X 1467-8454 University of Adelaide;
Flinders University;
Blackwell Publishing
Australian Economic Review 0004-9018 1467-8462 University of Melbourne, Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research
Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 1364-985X 1467-8489 Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society;
Blackwell Publishing
Australian Journal of Public Administration 0313-6647 1467-8500 National Council of the Institute of Public Administration Australia
Bioethics 0269-9702 1467-8519 Blackwell Publishing
British Journal of Learning Disabilities 1354-4187 1468-3156 British Institute of Learning Disabilities;
Blackwell Publishing
British Journal of Management 1045-3172 1467-8551 British Academy of Management
British Journal of Politics and International Relations [Now published elsewhere] 1369-1481 1467-856X SAGE Publications (UK and US);
Political Studies Association;
Blackwell Publishing
British Journal of Special Education 0952-3383 1467-8578 NASEN
Bulletin of Economic Research 0307-3378 1467-8586 Board of Trustees of the Bulletin of Economic Research;
Blackwell Publishing
Bulletin of Latin American Research 0261-3050 1470-9856 Society for Latin American Studies
Bulletin of the Institute of Classical Studies 0076-0730 2041-5370 University of London, Institute of Classical Studies
Business Ethics: A European Review 0962-8770 1467-8608 Blackwell Publishing
Business Strategy and Development - 2572-3170 -
Business Strategy and the Environment 0964-4733 1099-0836 ERP Environment;
John Wiley and Sons
Business Strategy Review 0955-6419 1467-8616 London Business School
Canadian Geographer / Géographe canadien 0008-3658 1541-0064 Canadian Association of Geographers;
Association canadienne des géographes
Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics / Revue canadienne d'agroeconomie 0008-3976 1744-7976 Canadian Agricultural Economics Society
Canadian Journal of Economics / Revue Canadienne d'Économique 0008-4085 1540-5982 Canadian Economics Association
Canadian Review of Sociology / Revue canadienne de sociologie 1755-6171 1755-618X Canadian Sociological Association
Centaurus 0008-8994 1600-0498 European Society for the History of Science;
John Wiley and Sons
Child Abuse Review 0952-9136 1099-0852 John Wiley and Sons
Child and Family Social Work 1356-7500 1365-2206 Blackwell Publishing
China and World Economy 1671-2234 1749-124X Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of World Economics and Politics
Constellations 1351-0487 1467-8675 Blackwell Publishing
Corporate Governance 0964-8410 1467-8683 Blackwell Publishing
Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management 1535-3958 1535-3966 ERP Environment;
John Wiley and Sons
Creativity and Innovation Management 0963-1690 1467-8691 Blackwell Publishing
Criminology 0011-1384 1745-9125 American Society of Criminology
Criminology and Public Policy 1538-6473 1745-9133 American Society of Criminology
Critical Quarterly 0011-1562 1467-8705 Blackwell Publishing
CrossCurrents 0011-1953 1939-3881 Association for Religion and Intellectual Life
Curriculum Journal 0958-5176 1469-3704 British Curriculum Foundation
Decision Sciences 0011-7315 1540-5915 Decision Sciences Institute
Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education 1540-4595 1540-4609 Decision Sciences Institute
Design Management Journal 1942-5074 1948-7177 Design Management Institute
Design Management Review 1557-0614 1948-7169 Design Management Institute
Developing Economies 0012-1533 1746-1049 Institute of Developing Economies
Developing World Bioethics 1471-8731 1471-8847 Blackwell Publishing
Development and Change 0012-155X 1467-7660 International Institute of Social Studies
Development Policy Review 0950-6764 1467-7679 Overseas Development Institute
Dialog 0012-2033 1540-6385 Wiley Periodicals
Digest of Middle East Studies 1060-4367 1949-3606 Policy Studies Organization (PSO)
Disasters 0361-3666 1467-7717 Overseas Development Institute
Dyslexia 1076-9242 1099-0909 British Dyslexia Association;
John Wiley and Sons
Early Medieval Europe 0963-9462 1468-0254 Blackwell Publishing
Economic Affairs 0265-0665 1468-0270 Institute of Economic Affairs
Economic Geography [Now published elsewhere] 0013-0095 1944-8287 Clark University;
Special Policy: STM, Behavioural Science and Public Health Titles
Economic History Review 0013-0117 1468-0289 Economic History Society
Economic Notes 0391-5026 1468-0300 Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena
Economic Papers 0812-0439 1759-3441 Economic Society of Australia
Economic Record 0013-0249 1475-4932 Economic Society of Australia
Economics and Politics 0954-1985 1468-0343 Blackwell Publishing
Economics of Transition 0967-0750 1468-0351 -
Ecumenical Review 0013-0796 1758-6623 World Council of Churches
English in Education 0425-0494 1754-8845 National Association for the Teaching of English (NATE)
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice [Now published elsewhere] 1042-2587 1540-6520 Baylor University;
United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship;
SAGE Publications (UK and US)
Environmental Policy and Governance 1756-932X 1756-9338 ERP Environment;
John Wiley and Sons
EuroChoices 1478-0917 1746-692X Agricultural Economics Society;
European Association of Agricultural Economists
European Financial Management 1354-7798 1468-036X Blackwell Publishing
European Journal of Education 0141-8211 1465-3435 Blackwell Publishing
European Journal of Philosophy 0966-8373 1468-0378 Blackwell Publishing
European Journal of Political Research 0304-4130 1475-6765 European Consortium for Political Research
European Journal of Political Research Political Data Yearbook - 2047-8852 -
European Law Journal 1351-5993 1468-0386 Blackwell Publishing
European Management Review 1740-4754 1740-4762 European Academy of Management (EURAM)
Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal 1077-727X 1552-3934 American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences
Family Court Review 1531-2445 1744-1617 Association of Family and Conciliation Courts
Family Process 0014-7370 1545-5300 Family Process Institute
Financial Accountability and Management 0267-4424 1468-0408 Blackwell Publishing
Financial Markets, Institutions and Instruments 0963-8008 1468-0416 New York University Salomon Center;
Wiley Periodicals
Fiscal Studies 0143-5671 1475-5890 Institute for Fiscal Studies
Focus on Geography 1549-4934 1949-8535 American Geographical Society of New York
Foreign Language Annals 0015-718X 1944-9720 American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
Foreign Policy Analysis [Now published elsewhere] 1743-8586 1743-8594 International Studies Association
Gender and History 0953-5233 1468-0424 Blackwell Publishing
Gender, Work and Organization 0968-6673 1468-0432 Blackwell Publishing
Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography [Now published elsewhere] 0435-3676 1468-0459 Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography;
Special Policy: STM, Behavioural Science and Public Health Titles
Geografiska Annaler: Series B, Human Geography [Now published elsewhere] 0435-3684 1468-0467 Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography;
Special Policy: STM, Behavioural Science and Public Health Titles
Geographical Journal 0016-7398 1475-4959 Royal Geographical Society;
Institute of British Geographers
Geographical Research 1745-5863 1745-5871 Institute of Australian Geographers
Geographical Review 0016-7428 1931-0846 American Geographical Society
Geography Compass - 1749-8198 Blackwell Publishing
German Economic Review 1465-6485 1468-0475 Verein für Socialpolitik;
Blackwell Publishing
German Life and Letters 0016-8777 1468-0483 Blackwell Publishing
German Quarterly 0016-8831 1756-1183 American Association of Teachers of German
Global Networks 1470-2266 1471-0374 Global Networks Partnership;
Blackwell Publishing
Global Policy 1758-5880 1758-5899 London School of Economics and Political Science;
John Wiley and Sons
Global Strategy Journal - 2042-5805 -
Governance 0952-1895 1468-0491 International Political Science Association (IPSA), Research Committee on the Structure and Organization of Government (SOG);
Wiley Periodicals
Growth and Change 0017-4815 1468-2257 Wiley Periodicals
Hastings Center Report - 1552-146X Hastings Center
Health Information and Libraries Journal 1471-1834 1471-1842 Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, Health Libraries Group
Heythrop Journal 0018-1196 1468-2265 Trustees for Roman Catholic Purposes Registered
Higher Education Quarterly 0951-5224 1468-2273 Blackwell Publishing
Historian 0018-2370 1540-6563 Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society
Historical Research 0950-3471 1468-2281 Institute of Historical Research
History 0018-2648 1468-229X Historical Association;
Blackwell Publishing
History Compass - 1478-0542 Blackwell Publishing
History of Education Quarterly 0018-2680 1748-5959 History of Education Society
Howard Journal of Criminal Justice 0265-5527 1468-2311 Blackwell Publishing
Human Resource Management 0090-4848 1099-050X -
Human Resource Management Journal 0954-5395 1748-8583 Blackwell Publishing
Hypatia 0887-5367 1527-2001 -
Industrial Relations Journal 0019-8692 1468-2338 Blackwell Publishing
Infancy 1525-0008 1532-7078 International Society on Infant Studies
Infant Mental Health Journal 0163-9641 1097-0355 Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health
Intelligent Systems in Accounting, Finance and Management 1055-615X 1099-1174 John Wiley and Sons
International Affairs [Now published elsewhere] 0020-5850 1468-2346 Royal Institute of International Affairs;
Special Policy: Policy F - Oxford Open Option D;
Blackwell Publishing
International Economic Review 0020-6598 1468-2354 University of Pennsylvania, Economics Department;
Osaka University, Institute of Social and Economic Research Association
International Finance 1367-0271 1468-2362 Blackwell Publishing
International Insolvency Review 1180-0518 1099-1107 INSOL International (International Association of Restructuring, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Professionals);
John Wiley and Sons
International Journal of Applied Linguistics 0802-6106 1473-4192 Blackwell Publishing
International Journal of Art and Design Education 1476-8062 1476-8070 National Society for Education in Art and Design (NSEAD);
Blackwell Publishing
International Journal of Auditing 1090-6738 1099-1123 Blackwell Publishing
International Journal of Consumer Studies 1470-6423 1470-6431 Blackwell Publishing
International Journal of Finance and Economics 1076-9307 1099-1158 John Wiley and Sons
International Journal of Japanese Sociology 0918-7545 1475-6781 Japan Sociological Society
International Journal of Management Reviews 1460-8545 1468-2370 British Academy of Management;
Blackwell Publishing
International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 1057-2414 1095-9270 Nautical Archaeology Society
International Journal of Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Marketing 1465-4520 1479-103X John Wiley and Sons
International Journal of Psychology - 1464-066X -
International Journal of Selection and Assessment 0965-075X 1468-2389 Blackwell Publishing
International Journal of Social Welfare 1369-6866 1468-2397 International Journal of Social Welfare;
Blackwell Publishing
International Journal of Systematic Theology 1463-1652 1468-2400 Blackwell Publishing
International Journal of Tourism Research 1099-2340 1522-1970 John Wiley and Sons
International Journal of Training and Development 1360-3736 1468-2419 Blackwell Publishing
International Migration Review [Now published elsewhere] 0197-9183 1747-7379 Center for Migration Studies (CMS);
SAGE Publications (UK and US)
International Political Sociology [Now published elsewhere] 1749-5679 1749-5687 International Studies Association;
Special Policy: Policy F - Oxford Open Option D
International Review of Finance 1369-412X 1468-2443 International Review of Finance
International Review of Mission 0020-8582 1758-6631 World Council of Churches
International Social Security Review 0020-871X 1468-246X International Social Security Association
International Studies Perspectives 1528-3577 1528-3585 International Studies Association
International Studies Quarterly 0020-8833 1468-2478 International Studies Association
International Studies Review 1521-9488 1468-2486 International Studies Association
International Transactions in Operational Research 0969-6016 1475-3995 International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS)
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis 0021-8855 1938-3703 Society for the Experimental Analysis of Behavior
Journal of Common Market Studies 0021-9886 1468-5965 Blackwell Publishing
Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology 1935-4932 1935-4940 Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology (SLACA);
American Anthropological Association
Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies 1754-0194 1754-0208 British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 0021-8294 1468-5906 Society for the Scientific Study of Religion
Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy 1081-3004 1936-2706 International Reading Association
Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 0021-8529 1540-6245 American Society for Aesthetics
Journal of Agrarian Change 1471-0358 1471-0366 Blackwell Publishing
Journal of Agricultural Economics 0021-857X 1477-9552 Agricultural Economics Society
Journal of American Culture 1542-7331 1542-734X American Culture Association;
Wiley Periodicals
Journal of Applied Econometrics 0883-7252 1099-1255 John Wiley and Sons
Journal of Applied Philosophy 0264-3758 1468-5930 Society for Applied Philosophy
Journal of Behavioral Decision Making 0894-3257 1099-0771 John Wiley and Sons
Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 0306-686X 1468-5957 Blackwell Publishing
Journal of Business Logistics - 2158-1592 -
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 0266-4909 1365-2729 Blackwell Publishing
Journal of Consumer Behaviour 1472-0817 1479-1838 John Wiley and Sons
Journal of Consumer Psychology 1057-7408 1532-7663 -
Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management 0966-0879 1468-5973 Blackwell Publishing
Journal of Economic Surveys 0950-0804 1467-6419 Blackwell Publishing
Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 1058-6407 1530-9134 Wiley Periodicals
Journal of Family Theory and Review 1756-2570 1756-2589 National Council on Family Relations
Journal of Financial Research 0270-2592 1475-6803 Southern Finance Association;
Southwestern Finance Association
Journal of Forecasting 0277-6693 1099-131X John Wiley and Sons
Journal of Futures Markets 0270-7314 1096-9934 Wiley Periodicals
Journal of Historical Sociology 0952-1909 1467-6443 Blackwell Publishing
Journal of Industrial Economics 0022-1821 1467-6451 Blackwell Publishing
Journal of International Development 0954-1748 1099-1328 Development Studies Association;
John Wiley and Sons
Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting 0954-1314 1467-646X Blackwell Publishing
Journal of Management Studies 0022-2380 1467-6486 Society for the Advancement of Management Studies;
Blackwell Publishing
Journal of Marital and Family Therapy 0194-472X 1752-0606 American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 0022-2879 1538-4616 Ohio State University
Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis 1057-9214 1099-1360 John Wiley and Sons
Journal of Operations Management 0272-6963 1873-1317 APICS, Educational and Research Foundation
Journal of Organizational Behavior 0894-3796 1099-1379 John Wiley and Sons
Journal of Personality 0022-3506 1467-6494 Wiley Periodicals
Journal of Philosophy of Education 0309-8249 1467-9752 Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain
Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 0276-8739 1520-6688 Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management
Journal of Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities 1741-1122 1741-1130 International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual Disabilities (IASSID);
Wiley Periodicals
Journal of Political Philosophy 0963-8016 1467-9760 Blackwell Publishing
Journal of Popular Culture 0022-3840 1540-5931 Popular Culture Association;
Wiley Periodicals
Journal of Popular Music Studies 1524-2226 1533-1598 International Association for the Study of Popular Music, US Branch;
Wiley Periodicals
Journal of Product Innovation Management 0737-6782 1540-5885 Product Development and Management Association
Journal of Public Affairs 1472-3891 1479-1854 John Wiley and Sons
Journal of Public Economic Theory 1097-3923 1467-9779 Association for Public Economic Theory;
Wiley Periodicals
Journal of Regional Science 0022-4146 1467-9787 Wiley Periodicals
Journal of Religious Ethics 0384-9694 1467-9795 -
Journal of Religious History 0022-4227 1467-9809 Association for the Journal of Religious History
Journal of Research in Reading 0141-0423 1467-9817 United Kingdom Literacy Association
Journal of Research in Special Educational Needs - 1471-3802 NASEN
Journal of Social Philosophy 0047-2786 1467-9833 North American Society for Social Philosophy;
Wiley Periodicals
Journal of Sociolinguistics 1360-6441 1467-9841 Blackwell Publishing
Journal of the European Economic Association [Now published elsewhere] 1542-4766 1542-4774 European Economic Association (EEA);
Special Policy: Policy F
Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences 0022-5061 1520-6696 Wiley Periodicals
Journal of Urban Affairs [Now published elsewhere] 0735-2166 1467-9906 Urban Affairs Association;
Special Policy: SSH Titles
Journal of World Intellectual Property 1422-2213 1747-1796 Blackwell Publishing
Juncture - 2050-5876 -
Juvenile and Family Court Journal 0161-7109 1755-6988 National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges
Knowledge and Process Management 1092-4604 1099-1441 John Wiley and Sons
Kyklos 0023-5962 1467-6435 Blackwell Publishing
LABOUR 1121-7081 1467-9914 Fondazione Giacomo Brodolini;
Centre of Economic and International Studies (CEIS);
Blackwell Publishing
Language and Linguistics Compass - 1749-818X Blackwell Publishing
Latin American Policy 2041-7365 2041-7373 Policy Studies Organization (PSO);
Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Santa Fe Campus
Latin American Politics and Society 1531-426X 1548-2456 University of Miami
Latin Americanist 1557-2021 1557-203X Southeastern Council on Latin American Studies;
University of North Carolina at Charlotte;
Winthrop University
Law and Society Review 0023-9216 1540-5893 Law and Society Association
Learned Publishing 0953-1513 1741-4857 Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP)
Learning Disabilities Research and Practice 0938-8982 1540-5826 Council for Exceptional Children, Division for Learning Disabilities
Legislative Studies Quarterly - 1939-9162 University of Iowa, Comparative Legislative Research Center
Literacy 1741-4350 1741-4369 United Kingdom Literacy Association
Literature Compass - 1741-4113 Blackwell Publishing
Managerial and Decision Economics 0143-6570 1099-1468 Association of Managerial Economists;
John Wiley and Sons
Manchester School 1463-6786 1467-9957 University of Manchester;
Blackwell Publishing
Mathematical Finance 0960-1627 1467-9965 Wiley Periodicals
Metaphilosophy 0026-1068 1467-9973 Metaphilosophy LLC;
Blackwell Publishing
Metroeconomica 0026-1386 1467-999X Blackwell Publishing
Midwest Studies in Philosophy 0363-6550 1475-4975 Wiley Periodicals
Milton Quarterly 0026-4326 1094-348X Blackwell Publishing
Mind and Language 0268-1064 1468-0017 Blackwell Publishing
Modern Language Journal 0026-7902 1540-4781 -
Modern Theology 0266-7177 1468-0025 Blackwell Publishing
Music Analysis 0262-5245 1468-2249 Society for Music Analysis;
Blackwell Publishing
Muslim World 0027-4909 1478-1913 Hartford Seminary
Nations and Nationalism 1354-5078 1469-8129 Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism
Natural Resources Forum 0165-0203 1477-8947 United Nations
Negotiation Journal 0748-4526 1571-9979 President and Fellows of Harvard College;
Harvard Law School, Program on Negotiation (PON)
New Blackfriars 0028-4289 1741-2005 Dominican Council
New Technology, Work and Employment 0268-1072 1468-005X Blackwell Publishing
New Zealand Geographer 0028-8144 1745-7939 New Zealand Geographical Society
Noûs 0029-4624 1468-0068 Wiley Periodicals
OPEC Energy Review 1753-0229 1753-0237 Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries
Orbis Litterarum 0105-7510 1600-0730 Blackwell Publishing
Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 0305-9049 1468-0084 University of Oxford, Department of Economics;
Blackwell Publishing
Oxford Journal of Archaeology 0262-5253 1468-0092 University of Oxford, Institute of Archaeology;
Blackwell Publishing
Pacific Economic Review 1361-374X 1468-0106 Hong Kong Economic Association;
Blackwell Publishing
Pacific Focus 1225-4657 1976-5118 Inha University, Center for International Studies
Papers in Regional Science 1056-8190 1435-5957 Regional Science Association International
Parliamentary History 0264-2824 1750-0206 Parliamentary History Yearbook Trust
Peace and Change 0149-0508 1468-0130 Peace History Society;
Peace and Justice Studies Association
Personnel Psychology 0031-5826 1744-6570 Wiley Periodicals
Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health 1538-6341 1931-2393 Guttmacher Institute
Philosophical Forum 0031-806X 1467-9191 -
Philosophical Investigations 0190-0536 1467-9205 Blackwell Publishing
Philosophical Issues 1533-6077 1758-2237 Wiley Periodicals
Philosophical Perspectives 1520-8583 1758-2245 Wiley Periodicals
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 0031-8205 1933-1592 Philosophy and Phenomenological Research
Philosophy and Public Affairs 0048-3915 1088-4963 Wiley Periodicals
Philosophy Compass - 1747-9991 Blackwell Publishing
Policy and Internet - 1944-2866 Oxford Internet Institute (OII);
Policy Studies Organization (PSO);
Berkeley Electronic Press;
De Gruyter
Policy Studies Journal 0190-292X 1541-0072 Policy Studies Organization (PSO)
Political Psychology 0162-895X 1467-9221 International Society of Political Psychology
Political Science Quarterly - 1538-165X -
Political Studies [Now published elsewhere] 0032-3217 1467-9248 SAGE Publications (UK and US);
Political Studies Association;
Blackwell Publishing
Political Studies Review [Now published elsewhere] 1478-9299 1478-9302 SAGE Publications (UK and US);
Political Studies Association;
Blackwell Publishing
Politics [Now published elsewhere] 0263-3957 1467-9256 SAGE Publications (UK and US);
Political Studies Association;
Blackwell Publishing
Politics and Policy 1555-5623 1747-1346 Universidad Iberoamericana;
Policy Studies Organization (PSO)
Production and Operations Management 1059-1478 1937-5956 Production and Operations Management Society
Population and Development Review 0098-7921 1728-4457 Population Council
Population, Space and Place 1544-8444 1544-8452 John Wiley and Sons
Poverty and Public Policy - 1944-2858 Policy Studies Organization (PSO);
Berkeley Electronic Press;
De Gruyter
Presidential Studies Quarterly 0360-4918 1741-5705 Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress
Psychology and Marketing 0742-6046 1520-6793 Wiley Periodicals
Public Administration 0033-3298 1467-9299 Blackwell Publishing
Public Administration and Development 0271-2075 1099-162X John Wiley and Sons
Public Administration Review 0033-3352 1540-6210 American Society for Public Administration
R&D Management 0033-6807 1467-9310 RADMA (Research and Development Management);
Blackwell Publishing
Ratio 0034-0006 1467-9329 Blackwell Publishing
Ratio Juris 0952-1917 1467-9337 Blackwell Publishing
Regional Science Policy and Practice - 1757-7802 Regional Science Association International
Regulation and Governance 1748-5983 1748-5991 Blackwell Publishing
Religion Compass - 1749-8171 Blackwell Publishing
Religious Studies Review 0319-485X 1748-0922 Rice University, Department of Religious Studies;
Council of Societies for the Study of Religion
Renaissance Studies 0269-1213 1477-4658 Society for Renaissance Studies
Review of Development Economics 1363-6669 1467-9361 Blackwell Publishing
Review of European Community and International Environmental Law 0962-8797 1467-9388 Blackwell Publishing
Review of European, Comparative & International Environmental Law - 2050-0394 -
Review of Income and Wealth 0034-6586 1475-4991 International Association for Research in Income and Wealth
Review of International Economics 0965-7576 1467-9396 International Economics and Finance Society;
Blackwell Publishing
Review of Policy Research 1541-132X 1541-1338 Policy Studies Organization (PSO)
Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies 0917-0553 1467-940X Applied Regional Science Conference (ARSC);
Tokyo International University;
Showa Institute for Economic Research;
Blackwell Publishing
Reviews in Religion and Theology 1350-7303 1467-9418 Blackwell Publishing
Risk Analysis 0272-4332 1539-6924 Society for Risk Analysis
Risk, Hazards and Crisis in Public Policy - 1944-4079 Policy Studies Organization (PSO);
Berkeley Electronic Press;
De Gruyter
Rural Sociology 0036-0112 1549-0831 Rural Sociological Society
Scandinavian Journal of Economics 0347-0520 1467-9442 -
Scandinavian Political Studies 0080-6757 1467-9477 Nordic Political Science Association (NOPSA)
School Science and Mathematics 0036-6803 1949-8594 School Science and Mathematics Association
Scottish Journal of Political Economy 0036-9292 1467-9485 Scottish Economic Society
Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography 0129-7619 1467-9493 National University of Singapore, Department of Geography;
Blackwell Publishing
Social Anthropology 0964-0282 1469-8676 European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA);
Special Policy: No Cambridge Open
Social Policy and Administration 0144-5596 1467-9515 Blackwell Publishing
Social Science Quarterly 0038-4941 1540-6237 Southwestern Social Science Association
Sociologia Ruralis 0038-0199 1467-9523 European Society for Rural Sociology
Sociological Forum 0884-8971 1573-7861 Eastern Sociological Society
Sociological Inquiry 0038-0245 1475-682X Alpha Kappa Delta (International Sociology Honor Society)
Sociological Quarterly 0038-0253 1533-8525 Midwest Sociological Society
Sociology Compass - 1751-9020 Blackwell Publishing
South African Journal of Economics 0038-2280 1813-6982 Economic Society of South Africa
Southern Journal of Philosophy 0038-4283 2041-6962 University of Memphis
Statistica Neerlandica 0039-0402 1467-9574 Vereniging voor Statistiek en Operations Research (Netherlands Society for Statistics and Operations Research)
Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal 1932-4391 1932-443X Strategic Management Society
Strategic Management Journal 0143-2095 1097-0266 Strategic Management Society;
John Wiley and Sons
Studia Linguistica 0039-3193 1467-9582 -
Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior 0363-0234 1943-278X American Association of Suicidology;
Guilford Press
Support for Learning 0268-2141 1467-9604 NASEN
Sustainable Development 0968-0802 1099-1719 ERP Environment;
John Wiley and Sons
Symbolic Interaction 0195-6086 1533-8665 Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction;
University of California Press
Syntax 1368-0005 1467-9612 Blackwell Publishing
System Dynamics Review 0883-7066 1099-1727 System Dynamics Society;
John Wiley and Sons
Systems Research and Behavioral Science 1092-7026 1099-1743 International Federation for Systems Research;
John Wiley and Sons
Teaching Theology and Religion 1368-4868 1467-9647 Blackwell Publishing
Theoria 0040-5825 1755-2567 Stiftelsen Theoria
Thought: A Journal of Philosophy - 2161-2234 Northern Institute of Philosophy
Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie 0040-747X 1467-9663 Royal Dutch Geographical Society KNAG
Transactions in GIS 1361-1682 1467-9671 Blackwell Publishing
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 0020-2754 1475-5661 Royal Geographical Society;
Institute of British Geographers
WorkingUSA 1089-7011 1743-4580 Immanuel Ness;
Wiley Periodicals
World Economy 0378-5920 1467-9701 Blackwell Publishing
World Englishes 0883-2919 1467-971X Blackwell Publishing
World Medical and Health Policy 2153-2028 1948-4682 Policy Studies Orgnaization;
Berkeley Electronic Press;
De Gruyter
Zygon 0591-2385 1467-9744 -
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